36, Personified

He pulls the heart from my chest
I watch as it beats in his hand
blood dripping between his long slender fingers

I lay naked on the bed
looking up at him
“Give me a few minutes” he whispers
as he looks down at me with black eyes

He raises his hand

slowly bringing it to his mouth
I watch as his jaw unhinges
like a python
his mouth opens wide as he places my heart there between his teeth
holds it delicately . . .

Like a good bird dog

blood drips slowly from his lips
still warm
down his chin
onto his chest

My heart stops beating

He never breaks eye contact . . .

as I slip into unconsciousness

But I can feel him there
even in my sleep

Sense him watching me
always just out of reach

My world softly in his mouth
he stays calmly at my feet

Coiled like a cobra . . .












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